Battledown Crystal Rectangular Chandelier

Finish: Nickel

This timeless contemporary rectangular genuine crystal chandelier is composed of high quality polished stainless steel depicted here, finished in nickel plate. Two rows of crystal droplets decorated with shard trimmings create a luminescent waterfall effect, masking the bulbs within. The chandelier is suspended from a central ceiling mount with delicate chains supporting the frame, making a seamless and elegant appearance. Bespoke sizes and finishes (bronze, antique brass, copper, polished brass, gold plate) are all available to order. Only the visible parts of the chandelier will be finished in your custom plate as the bottom of the frame (hidden) needs to be completed in polished stainless steel to reflect and circulate the light. The Battledown Rectangular Chandelier looks spectacular above a dining table or kitchen island. 

The chandelier is supplied with a metal ceiling rose in a matching colour.

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