Finnieston Arm Chandelier

Finish: Antique Brass

This graceful six-armed chandelier is the perfect finishing touch for a medium-sized room (up to 22 sqm height) at 62 centimetres tall. It features precision cut elaborate glass crystals that were designed and cut to replicate authentic Georgian-era chandeliers. The Finnieston Arm Chandelier (the metal parts shown here are in nickel) consists of six lower arms and three upper arms to create a full arrangement that works in a medium-sized room as it is not as tall as our graceful Charlton Crystal Chandelier. The sleek glass arms are decorated with crystal beads and high- quality leaf shaped droplets. A metal ceiling rose is supplied in the same finish as your chandelier’s metal parts. This elegant six-armed chandelier is a dramatic and opulent lighting arrangement, which is perfect for large living rooms, bedrooms, landings or even in a kitchen over an island.

It is available in a wide range of finishes: bronze, antique brass, brushed brass and gold.

Within the UK our chandeliers are safely delivered by our driver and do not require assembly. 

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