Henley Crystal Staircase Chandelier

Finish: Nickel

This spectacular lighting arrangement is composed of exquisite crystal bag chandeliers that are modelled on our unique Willersey Bag Chandelier, which come as individual pieces. The Henley Crystal Staircase Chandelier hangs, from a metal central plate (the metal parts shown here are in nickel), in a cluster of beautiful crystal chandeliers. Five miniature bag chandeliers are suspended from the central plate in a cascade that catches the light and sparkles. It is very versatile because fewer, or more, chandeliers can be added to the plate depending on the size of the space that the Henley Crystal Staircase Chandelier will be installed in. It is perfect for staircases or high-ceilinged rooms. 

It is available in a wide range of finishes: bronze, antique brass, brushed brass and gold.

Within the UK our chandeliers are safely delivered by our driver. We also provide fitting services on request. 


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